What do you know about co-regulation – one of the necessary first skills to learn as a parent? In simple terms, co-regulation is about keeping a level of consciousness in order to stay stable, safe,
and calm – a fine balance of unconditional acceptance and bountiful presence. As human beings regularly on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, including anxiety, an “on-edge” feeling, and distress, no matter how great of a parent you are, sometimes, you need help. Sometimes, your child needs more guidance than you can give because you’re not as calm as you need to be then. 

With a decade of professional experience as a licensed special educator, the mother-of-two and full-time mental health therapist Jaclyn Gorman has amassed a wealth of knowledge about
conscious parenting. Also a nationally certified counselor, educator, and certified parenting coach with a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, curriculum, and instruction,
Jaclyn has dedicated her life to learning and imparting her experiences and knowledge to assist parents to bring their parenting vision to life. 

In today’s episode, she explains co-regulation and
self-regulation in flawless detail, getting underneath the reasons our internal regulation gets imbalanced and how to become self-regulated first to parent your children to manage their emotions equally well. She also gives away her five-step rule to co-regulate and the practical ways to apply these tips in your life!


Having 20 years of experience guiding 1000s of families to release stress, connect, and practice
mindfulness since her teen years, Aparna Venkataraman is the founder of Beauty In Parenting.

She is a worldwide parent coach, meditation-breathwork teacher, motivational speaker and
essential oils educator with experience in children’s hospitals, schools and non-profit
organizations. Using her strong intuition and lighthearted techniques, she tailors her coaching
and sessions towards practical experiences and solutions that help anxious and highly-sensitive
moms feel both rested and empowered!


Rafaella is a psychotherapist, trained in sexuality education, couples therapy, trauma processing,
trauma-informed care, and PTSD/trauma-related disorders.With specialized training in evidence-
based therapies, it is her goal to create a space for you to be honest, vulnerable, and consistent as
you explore yourself, and your relationship with others, and work towards living a life of satisfaction and pleasure that you desire and deserve.


Andrea is a Licensed Counselor and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor who has obtained her
Master’s Degree in the study of Rehabilitation Counseling from Rutgers University. She has over a decade of experience assisting people with mental health issues which include depression,
anxiety, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders, and Somatoform Disorders. Andrea has also worked with clients who have physical, developmental, and intellectual disabilities. 

She has served individuals in a variety of modalities that include outpatient, groups, community settings, high schools, and colleges. Andrea also has serviced many individuals in a career counseling capacity. She believes that each client she works with deserves unconditional positive regard in a judgment-free space. Andrea’s approach is client-centered, making sure to tailor services to the needs of the individual. Her style is influenced by DBT, CBT, Mindfulness, Trauma Informed Care, and Psycho-education.


Alex March is a 15-year healer, evidential medium, and medical intuitive who uses her body to diagnose others trauma trapped inside and validate the pain. She has used her own experiences through childhood trauma, emotional, mental, psychological, and physical abuse through abusive relationships and severe bullying to help others feel validated and not alone. She uses her large voice to uncover the deeper shadow work and validate the inner child’s monologue and help the body feel seen and heard, which allows the healing to take place.


Yessenia Lajara is a Trauma psychotherapist and a certified trauma-sensitive mindfulness and yoga facilitator. Her passion is to help people form loving and healthy relationships by finding their authentic selves through childhood and generational trauma. In addition, to reclaim their lives by embracing and promoting self-healing and self-love.

Yessenia supports individuals, couples,
and families on their path to wellness in her private practice in New York City. She has integrated her traditional, trauma-informed, evidence-based training with holistic mindfulness
approaches to honor the connection between mind, body, and spirit. She is a licensed trauma
therapist who has had training, supervision, and clinical experience working directly, and perhaps
almost exclusively, with trauma and mindfulness-based practices.

Yessenia is the founder of the
Mindfulness program in a West Harlem Elementary School. She’s committed to setting a standard of care within mindfulness-based practices, interventions, and programs. Through workshops, professional developments, curriculums, and mindfulness group practices, Yessenia is able to create a path for participants to gain empowerment and knowledge. Providing a safe place to practice Trauma-sensitive Mindfulness to help calm the mind and regulate physical responses, and, emotions.


Shae is a licensed professional counselor and trauma expert with over 10 years of experience in
mental health. She has a B.S. in Psychology, M.S. in Psychology, and an M.A. in Counseling.
She primarily serves women who struggle with past childhood trauma, people-pleasing, anxiety,
and stress. She invites the body into talk therapy to address inner healing to assist individuals in
reaching emotional freedom through various somatic techniques. 

Shae strives to disrupt
generational cycles of trauma to build healthier individuals, families, and communities. Outside
of her work as a trauma therapist, Shae enjoys meditation, yoga, reading, marvel movies,
discovering new foodie spots, rest, and time with family.


Tess Seipp, MAE of Wild Rose Motherhood is a Choctaw Tribal member, a solo mother, Certified Parent Coach and Certified Somatic Trauma Integration Practitioner who believes that children
and parenthood is sacred.

Tess arrived at her life’s work of helping parents find inner safety, reparent and create cellular harmony through her own journey of learning about and integrating her developmental trauma, generational trauma, and PTSD. She believes that children and parenthood are sacred, and it is our responsibility to be self-connected, to make sense of our stories, learning to love our past while creating cellular safety and harmony moment by moment

– remembering our truth and living our values to honor our highest visions for our families and
Mother Earth.


Annie helps families, children, and adults cope with activation and reactivity by using bodymind
resources. She has been a therapist and educator for over 40 years, working with diverse
populations. Her specialty is getting to the roots of trauma, and she does so through her books,
free talks, online courses, and training therapists. 

Be sure to send her your questions prior to any
talk at Annie helps people via integrated movement, psychology,
meditation, social skills, and the expressive arts. Her work as a therapist in public schools, clinics,
hospitals, and private practice, (treating infants through adults), has helped her create methods
that are useful and efficient. She draws on a vast and broad background of studies. 

You can see that background here: Specifically, blending neuroscience
with sensory challenges support, and relational attachment, going all the way back to birth,
prenatal, and post-birth time, is Annie’s specialty. Her method, Applied Neuro Plasticitytm, helps
therapists recognize brain state interventions in order to help adult clients and to help parents know how to help their children.

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