Mindful Breathing

Candace Dungee, Founder

Imagine being able to slow things down without needing anything but what you always had with you.

Imagine relieving anxiety, social stress and learning anxieties with one quick exercise, wouldn’t that be amazing!

Let’s talk about mindfulness. Mindfulness increases happiness, feelings of wellbeing and self-confidence while decreasing anxiety and feelings of worry and stress. The best part is its science. Breathing is part of our physical system and is connected to the way our mind and body communicate.

Mindfulness is the practice of conscious breathing. An exercise that slows down the stress activators in our brain and opens our prefrontal cortex or our happy creative mind. It’s like taking a vitamin for the brain.

A mindfulness practice for kids involves teaching them how to connect with their breath. It shows them that they can access it anywhere. Kids learn to pay close attention to their breathing and therefore without trying to become present in the moment.

It’s simple, effective, and accessible to all.

Mindfulness can be included in the daytime, mealtime, driving times and during transitions. It doesn’t have to be a BIG moment. Just taking the time to breathe consciously.

You can help by encouraging the children in your work or at home to notice their breath and name how they feel different when they mindfully breathe.

Mindful breathing can help in so many ways. You can remind the kids around you to use this tool to manage feelings, relax their bodies and open their mind for good academic success.

Being the adult helping the young ones around us, mindfulness benefits us too. While modelling is the best way of teaching, in this case it has personal health benefits as well. Bringing our awareness to our breath also releases stress we are carrying, alleviates headaches and physical tension and opens our creative centers. Together children and adults can cultivate a healthy mindful practice.

Giving students and our own children the tools of a mindfulness practice provide them with a life-long gift. Stress doesn’t go away with age. The need for inner peace and stress management in adult years is a serious one. When you start a mindfulness practice with kids. They have that tool for life. The ability to feel calmer, think clearer, respond instead of reacting and be more alert. Mindfulness can happen anywhere and anytime.

This breathing moves us out of the flight or fight sympathetic nervous system and into our receptivity or parasympathetic nervous system.

We have the power to connect and change the link our body and mind is using to send messages in every situation.

Breathing can soothe and/or energize depending on what is needed in the moment.

Imagine being able to change the view of the world with one breath… one conscious and healing breath.

Now, isn’t that something worth passing on to our children.

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