What's your ACE score?

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ACEs is one of the major health issues in the 21st century. Children develop a survival mode response to stress which can impact them in adulthood. Living in survival mode affects heart rate, breathing, muscle tension, blood pressure, responsible decision making, academic performance, emotional and behavioral reactions, and memory retention. These exposures can be emotionally distressing, affecting the ability to manage stress and overall health.

ACEs can include witnessing or experiencing: physical, sexual, and emotional abuse; 

  • bullying;
  • terrorism;
  • loss of a loved one;
  • family and community violence;
  • refugee and war experiences;
  • natural disasters; living with a family member whose caregiving ability is impaired;
  • and having a life-threatening injury or illness. decision making,

Find your ACE score https://acestoohigh.com/got-your-ace- score/

For more information Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

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